Department of Nephrology

Department of Nephrology

Department of Nephrology


Top Nephrologist in Navi Mumbai

Nephrology is one of the leading department in SIDDHIKA SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL PVT LTD. the department was started one june 2019. Now the department is well established with 7 dialysis machines. 700 dialysis are done per month. SIDDHIKA SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL PVT LTD is the only hospital in NAVI MUMBAI providing dialysis at free of cost  including all medicines without requirement of  any GOVERNMENT YOJANA. theicu is adjacent to dialysis unit. the five bedded Nephro ICU is taken care by eminent and leading physicians in the field of Nephro science.


Frequently asked questions.

Q1. Is it true that more the water we drink,better it is for health?
Ans-No,we should drink water as per our thirst.Excess water intake especially in old and malnourished individuals can cause water toxicity in brain.

Q2. Is one disabled once left with one kidney?
Ans- No one can live totally normal life with one kidney functioning well

Q3. Is high calcium in diet is the main cause of kidney stones?
And- No, in fact very few patients have high Calcium intake as a cause of kidney stones.Interestingly,low Calcium in diet is one of the causes of kidney stones

Q4. Can painkillers cause kidney problems?
Ans- Yes;many of the painkillers(NSAID group especially) can cause acute or chronic kidney disease.However there are many safe alternatives.

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