Department of Cancer

Department of Cancer

Department of Oncology

Best Cancer Hospital in Navi Mumbai

A team of qualified experienced Medical Oncologists and staff specially trained in handling and administration of chemotherapy medicines is associated with the department. Apart from chemotherapy other forms of systemic anticancer therapies like immunotherapy, targeted therapy are effectively being performed. We are the most trusted Cancer Hospital in Navi Mumbai.

The department brings together first-rate clinical services with an updated academic curriculum and advanced level of research. The vision is to establish a centre of excellence for the reproductive health needs of women, train the generation next and be involved in expanding research.

The Department provides complete obstetrical care, comprehensive family welfare, infertility management, prenatal diagnosis, cancer treatment, endoscopic surgery, menopause management, pelvic floor medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Cancer Facts !

There are over 200 types of cancers. Majority of cancers in India are due to tobacco, (smoking or smokeless)
More than 50 % of cancers in India are attributable to tobacco….these are preventable.
Most comman cancers in men in india are head and neck cancers, lung cancer and colon cancer.
Commonest cancers in Indian woman are breast, cervical cancers.

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Frequently asked questions on Cancer.

1. Is cancer curable?
Yes . If detected early it is curable.

2.  Is chemotherapy painful.?
No, chemotherapy is a painless procedure.

3. Can cancer be prevented?
There are screening tests available to catch cancer early.
Avoiding smoking, alcohol eating lots of fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce your chances of cancer.

How is cancer treated?
Most require a multimodality approch consisting of surgery, chemotherapy and at times radiation.

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